Our Story

We are a family run, organic farm specializing in local honey, fresh vegetables, and are leading the way in hemp fiber farming and research.

The farm got started with the hopes that the two sisters (pictured on the right) could work together to build entrepreneurial skills, strengthen their sisterly bond, and learn life skills associated with owning a business. With the help of Mike and Abby (Mom and Dad) the farm is a place for family bonds to strengthen and grow.


Our Products

We sell a number of things organically grown on our farm in Illinois


sustainably grown and packaged through Certified Organic methods


hand-picked fresh daily from our Illinois Farm for max yum


industrial hemp fiber and organic crop treatments via custom farming

Two Sisters Farms Local Events

We are at Farmer's Market events! - Come see us!

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Hemp Farming In Action!

Precision at its finest


Frequently asked questions, answered by us... the Two Sisters

Are your products organically grown?

Yes! We are committed to selling products we produce off of our farm that are organically grown (we are almost to year 3 where we can gain our certification).

Where are your products grown?

Right in our own backyard in Elburn, Illinois. Our property is currently 40 acres, and we are expanding as the demand for our products grows (get it, grows).

What is hemp fiber?

Hemp fiber is a type of fiber obtained from the industrial hemp plant. It is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibers, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as animal bedding, paper, clothes, and so much more.

What is custom farming?

Custom farming is the practice of using someone else's machinery to farm your personal land. For example, someone may own land and want to grow crops, but they don't want to invest in the machinery needed to do that. That is where Two Sisters Farms comes in. We use our machinery to travel to the farm that hires us to do the work for them. It is efficient and saves the land owner lots of money.

Which activity to the girls enjoy the most?

The girls enjoy harvesting the honey from the hives and attending our local farmers markets. They are very social and enjoy getting to present something that they have worked hard for and are proud of!

Do the sisters ever bicker?

We plead the fifth ;)
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