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The Sisters

Two Sisters Farms started with parents who wanted to spend time with their daughters, leave a legacy for them to be connected, creating an opportunity for them to appreciate each other, understand work and working together, learning life lessons through agriculture and ultimately preserving their sisterhood through their lives. 

Simply stated … creating connection with each other. 


The Parents

Mike and Abby (the parents) work hard to make sure the girls are supported in their farm endeavors and all operations run smoothly. Family is extremely important and the bonds the farm has helped create will last a life time.

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Two Sisters Farms is led by an experienced team, including an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, including the successful launch of start up businesses. While there are certainly challenges and risks associated with any new business venture, we believe that our thorough planning and strategic approach have minimized these risks and positioned us for success. We look forward to bringing our vision to life and making a positive impact in the marketplace.

Our Family Team

A family on a mission to make a difference

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